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The New Is Here!

On the new, it’s easier than ever to create, find and share your favorite food ideas. Browse existing recipes or add a new one, share your thoughts with an article, find innovative products to help you in the kitchen, view cooking videos and web series, and much more! Get social and fill out your user profile, add your FacebookTwitter and Pinterest accounts and subscribe to your favorite users.

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The new gives you all of the tools you need to create, find and share your favorite food ideas!

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Foodies – Second Course: Who’s Chicken

The second episode of Foodies is up! Porter’s questionable cooking skills are up for dinner club evaluation, but the kitchen drama is trivial compared to the secret Moose is trying to hide from him.

Catch new episodes at

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Foodies, Pilot Episode Now Available

The first episode of Foodies is up! In the pilot, Porter gets a first taste of his fiancée’s closest friends at their regular dinner club, not knowing he’s the guest of honor.

Catch the new episodes every Wednesday at

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Foodies, A New Web Series about Food Lovers

Foodies follows the adventures of a group of L.A. culinary enthusiasts whose passion for food spills off the table and into their personal lives. The show focuses on an overly-critical food blogger, whose world gets flipped upside down when his exclusive dinner club is infiltrated by his ex-girlfriend’s fiancé.

It features Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls), Jeffery Self (30 Rock, 90210), Sean Hankinson (Prom Queen), Carlee Avers (Veronica Mars) and Anne Lane (Dorm Life) and is directed by Japhy Grant.

Catch the series premiere March 9 at

[via Eater SF]

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