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Tag: video

Christopher Walken – Chicken With Pears

After recently interviewing Christopher Walken (view interview here) for TIFF 2012, it seemed appropriate to post this video.

This is definitely one of the more random cooking videos available on YouTube. It is simply titled “Man Makes Chicken with Pears”. It’s fairly obvious that the man in question is actually veteran actor Christopher Walken. The recipe itself is kind of questionable, as the chicken doesn’t seem thoroughly cooked through at the end. Luckily, it appears it’s his cat who is going to chow down and not some unfortunate dinner guest. Speaking of cat videos, Walken is enamoured with Henri 2, Paw de Deux. His favorite part? The “cheeseburgers”.

We think he would actually would make a great cooking show host. Mr. Walken, if you are interested give us a call!

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Whopper with 1050 Pieces of Bacon

This guy ordered a Whopper topped with a whopping 1,050 strips of bacon from the Japanese Burger King.

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What’s Cookin – Food Rap Video

This stop-motion short from BankShot with music by DJ Nick Castle finds everything from pancakes and bacon to a green pepper with a platinum grill lip-synching along to classic lines from Biggie Smalls, Guru, Raekwon, Q-Tip, Action Bronson, Method Man and a whole lot more. Dinner is served.


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Whole Foods Parking Lot Rap Video

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Western Spaghetti by PES

“Western Spaghetti” is a stop-motion animation of cooking spaghetti. Instead of using real ingredients in the dish, they are replaced with objects such as tomato pin cushions, rubber bands, Rubik’s Cubes, post-it notes, and bubblewrap. The hand’s in the video supposedly belong to PES, the filmmaker.

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