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The New Is Here!

On the new, it’s easier than ever to create, find and share your favorite food ideas. Browse existing recipes or add a new one, share your thoughts with an article, find innovative products to help you in the kitchen, view cooking videos and web series, and much more! Get social and fill out your user profile, add your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts and subscribe to your favorite […]

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Fresh Guacamole by PES

Director PES follows up his stop-motion hit Western Spaghetti (2008) with Fresh Guacamole (2012). The film premiered in March 2012 as part of Showtime’s “Short Stories” series. Fresh Guacamole features an unseen cook using a series of unusual ingredients to prepare a bowl of guacamole. Some of the objects used as “ingredients” include grenades, a baseball, dice, […]

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Beertone is a Pantone Colour Chart for Beer

Beertone combines a love for beer with beautiful design, resulting in a fun and useful colour coded resource similar to a Pantone colour chart. Created by a two man team in Switzerland, the first volume features over 200 beers from Switzerland. Future instalments will focus on beer from Germany (Jan 2013) and Brazil (May 2013). They’re […]

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Interview with ‘Taste in Translation’ Host and Chef, Aarti Sequeira

Aarti Sequeira, the winner of Food Network Star season six, returns with a new show, Cooking Channel‘s original series Taste In Translation. Aarti explores the most popular dishes from around the world as well as the history and cultural significance behind every bite. Each country has its own unique and delicious way to celebrate a holiday, commemorate […]

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Happy Holidays from!

Happy holidays from the team! 2013 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for and we’ll have exciting new developments to share with you in the new year. We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year! The Team  

December 25, 2012 | By | Reply More

The Chef’s Guide To Knives Infographic

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Butter Chicken Lasagna Recipe Wins Recipe to Riches

The winner of Recipe to Riches was crowned, with Rick Matharu receiving the highest number of votes for his Butter Chicken Lasagna. His butter chicken lasagna recipe was inspired by the Indian-Canadian fusion dishes he loves to prepare. Matharu was up against Jason Keary with his Honey Cheese Pastries, Stephen Childs with his Chipotle Chili Bites, […]

December 14, 2012 | By | Reply More

ChicWrap, Plastic Wrap 2.0

Plastic wrap is one of those things that every home cook uses daily, but no one really likes using. Wrap typically gets stuck on the roll, forcing you to find the end. Once you do find the end and pull out your piece of wrap you have to watch out for that sharp serrated cutting […]

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Petition to get Hasbro to Feature Boys on Easy-Bake Oven Packaging

McKenna Pope’s little brother loves to cook. She was surprised when she walked in on him “cooking” tortillas on top of his lamp’s light bulb.  Obviously, this is not very safe. So he asked Santa for his very own Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven, made by Hasbro. McKenna found it appalling that boys are not featured in packaging or […]

December 12, 2012 | By | Reply More

The Startup Chef Shares Recipes from Technology Founders and Funders

What does the founder of the most popular blogging platform on the internet make for breakfast? What type of creative pastry do Randi Zuckerberg and her sister Donna whip up for their family during the holidays? These recipes and more are featured in a charitable new cookbook, The Startup Chef, released Friday. Containing personal recipes and stories […]

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