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Why McDonald’s Burgers Look Different in Real Life – Behind the Scenes at a Photo Shoot

McDonald’s Canada recently launched a campaign to answer customer questions directly.

Isabel M from Toronto asked “Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in the store?”

McDonald’s responded with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of a McDonald’s Canada photo shoot comparing a store bought burger to the one’s used in their advertising campaigns.

Ask your own question at:

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Toronto Underground Market – June 2012

The June instalment of the popular monthly event known as TUM (Toronto Underground Market) was held this past weekend at the Brickworks. Foodies descended en masse waiting to taste the yummy  treats of over 30 pop-up booths and vendors. The June event featured a diverse range of offerings, including a multitude of vegetarian options from Comida del Pueblo, Eat Here, Kappukeki Fusion, Cannalles, Little Tomato Catering, and the Animal Liberation Kitchen, with some even offering gluten free options.

Here are some of the highlights from the night:

Rock Lobster Food Co.

After missing out on Rock Lobster Food Co. at the Street Food Block Party, they were the first stop of the night. They were offering up Lobster Tacos, Lobster Rolls and Lobster Poutine. We opted for the lobster rolls and lobster poutine. The lobster rolls were a steal at 2 for $5 and were a great way to start the evening. We followed up the rolls with the poutine. A recipe seemingly adopted from Chuck Hughes, the poutine featured large chunks of lobster complete with squeaky cheese curds and gravy. It’s a good thing we came here first as this ended up being the longest line all night.

Comida Del Pueblo

Comida Del Pueblo was on hand with their famous jalapeño cornbread grilled cheese with gaucamole and crema. Their other offering of the night was a duck mole empanada with cilantro chimichurri.

Little Tomato Catering

Their peameal sandwich was a popular offering; a maple-mustard glazed peameal (brined themselves), dijon mayo, red onion marmalade, and sunny-side-up quail egg, served up on a butter biscuit.

Neptuno Oysters

The boys from Neptuno were kept busy all night shucking 0ver 1100 French Kiss oysters from New Brunswick. The sustainably-grown oysters (from Canadian farms) were served on ice with lemon, and topped with a variety of condiments including a red wine shallot vinaigrette, neptuno cocktail sauce and a hot sauce/sambal oelek.

Eat Here

Korean Fusion Food newcomer, Eat Here, featured a spicy pork pa jun and a kalbi brisket pa jun, and a vegan lime soy soba noodle. The soba noodles were lightly tossed with refreshing lime soy dressing and topped with daikon, cilantro and sesame seeds. Looking forward to seeing what Eat Here will be doing next time!


This TUM instalment featured plenty of options for those with a sweet tooth. Standouts from the Kappukeki Fusion Cupcakes (below left) were their mango tango, and honey green tea cupcakes. The hand made caramels from KEO Confiserie (below right) were another decadent surprise of the night. Other sugary induglences were the lactose free ice cream sandwiches from Bix Bakery, the canelés from Cannelles, and the unconventional offerings of Leonard Pig Candy, with their candied bacon, dunked and smothered in chocolate.


TUM frequenter Tromba Tequila was there offering up their signature margarita’s. Ontario wine was available as was craft beer from breweries including Lake of Bays, Hogtown Brewers, and Granville Island Brewery.

Some other standouts included the tamales from Bushwick (they also had an Albacore Tuna Ceviche which supposedly was to die for). Fidel Gastro was on hand with pork belly  and beef cheek sandwiches as well as some of his classics. One of the booths that we unfortunately didn’t make it to was Swine Shrine. Their ribs were clearly the big draw of the night, as was the Prosciutto Mac ‘n’ Cheese from Thistletown High School Chefs.

The TUM experience continues to prove the desire for innovative food is alive and well in Toronto. Very much looking forward to the July instalment of TUM!

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CRFA Show 2012 Coverage

This week we attended the 2012 CRFA Show. An annual favorite of ours, we like to scope out the latest new food ideas and products. This years show did not disappoint.

Here’s just a few of the cool new food ideas we found:

The Staybowlizer

A simple invention to keep your bowl stable while you mix and whisk in the kitchen. It’s also great for tempering as it fits perfectly into a pot, creating a steam-proof seal. For more information visit (the site isn’t up yet, so check back soon!).

Molten Ice Glasses

Launched at the show, Molten Ice Glasses are an ingenious brought over from Europe by GBS Food Service Equipment. These ice glasses are great for cocktails (both alcoholic and shrimp) as well as anything else you’d like to keep cold. These unique cups do not dilute your drink as they melt from the outside in. Unfortunately, you’ll need to purchase the giant Molten Ice Glass maker if you want to make these at home. Look for Molten Ice Glasses at a bar near you soon.

Flat – Table Stablizer

Another ingenious idea. The Flat table stabilizer means we can finally say goodbye to wobbly tables forever.

Some other highlights of the show include:

Kellogg’s Special K Cracker Chips

Each cracker chip is light in texture, crispy and seasoned. Now you can get the crunch that you love in the cracker aisle. Look for these soon in a grocery store near you.

Dorgel Chili Dark Chocolate Gelato

Dorgel was handing out some tasty samples. Everyone was gushing over this chili chocolate flavor. Other favorites included Cherry Coke, Red Velvet and Cotton Candy.

Kangaroo Slider

The Gordon Food Service booth was giving out this slider to adventurous foodies looking to try something new. The kangaroo itself had an interesting taste, but it was the Zucchini relish that had people coming back for more. Register for the GFS Magic of the Menu show here.

We also ran into some of our CRFA favorites at the show including McClure’s Pickles, Pingue Prosciutti and Possmei Popping Boba.

Next year the show will be held March 3-5, 2013. For more information visit See you next year!

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Glam Media Launches, a New Social Network for Food

Glam Media has launched Foodie.comintegrating authentic food-related content and social networking to help people share and connect on the journey of food discovery. Foodie features a combination of established food critics, high-quality bloggers, chefs, restaurateurs and other food influentials.

“With time spent in magazines declining significantly, consumers are turning to online and mobile as their primary source for food content and ratings, but face the challenge of differentiating great food critics, premium bloggers, recipes and ratings online today. At the same time, traditional food guides such as Michelin only capture editorial and inspectors, missing the social energy surrounding food today,” said Samir Arora, Glam Media Chairman and CEO. “Glam Media built to be the single platform for all things food on the Web. Foodie is going to completely change consumer’s food experiences on digital, powered entirely through a social platform and driving the freshest, authentic content created by leading voices from top chefs, critics, bloggers and brands.”

Foodie is also hosting a panel of culinary experts, featuring acclaimed food critics and top chefs to provide a professional perspective on recipes, restaurants, ingredients and cooking techniques. This group will help nominate the world’s top restaurants and provide regional guides that will be produced regularly.

[ / Reuters]

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Lucky Peach Issue Three Coming Soon

Here’s the cover of the third issue of Lucky Peach, the the quarterly magazine edited by chef David Chang, Chris Ying and Peter Meehan. This issue will focus on “The Cooks and Chefs Issue.” Expect features on: Recipes For Yo Mama!, Mario Batali, the Joe Beef guys, Celery and the End of Cooking?! Look for it to arrive March 13.

[Via @LuckyPeach]

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