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August 6, 2013 | By More


The following is a true story.

It started with a direct message on Twitter.

May 29:

Joe: “Hi, it’s Joe from Would you like to try our seafood and blog about it?”

Who wouldn’t. So I wrote Joe back.

Me: “Thanks for your interest! We’d love to try your seafood and blog about it. We are located in Toronto Canada. Do you ship up here?”

Unfortunately, Lobster Anywhere doesn’t ship to Canada yet. So I contacted a friend, Dave, who lives in Los Angeles.

Me: “Would you like some lobster? Joe from Lobster Anywhere offered to send over some lobster for us to try and blog about.”

Dave along with his girlfriend Sarah, eagerly accepted.

June 3:

As the big day approached, I followed up to make sure that Dave was ready to receive the Lobster.

Me: “Will you be around on Wednesday? The lobster is gonna be delivered. But you’ll have to be there during the day.”

Dave: “I think so.”

Me: “Ok. I’ll give your number to the Fedex guy. Tell Sarah to plan to cook Lobster on Wednesday!”

I gave Joe the go ahead. The lobster was on it’s way.


June 5:

The big day arrived. The lobster was being delivered. That’s when the emails started:

Sarah: “They are alive?? I am not killing them. and we don’t have the proper tools to take the claws off and stuff. What are we supposed to do?”

Me: “Hahaha. This is all part of the experience. Take lots of pictures! 😉 You have to cook them live. You just throw them in a pot of boiling water. Here’s a guide. I don’t think you need any special tools. Once it’s ready, you just break them open with your hands. Make sure you have lots of melted butter on hand! So jealous…

Sarah: “We don’t have a pot that big! I was going to grill them I thought they would be frozen. Seriously I can not kill them, I can’t do it. If I had known they would be alive I would have been better prepared.”

Me: “There must be someone you know who can cook a lobster… It’s really easy!”

Dave: “Yeah. Sarah’s dad is more then happy to cook them.”

Sarah’s father was on his way home from San Francisco. He picked up the LobsterAnywhere package that afternoon and brought it home with him to San Diego.

June 7:

It seemed as though everything worked out perfectly. Dave and Sarah didn’t have to cook live lobsters and Sarah’s parents lucked out with an amazing dinner. I was just waiting on the pictures for this blog post when I received another message.

Dave: “Way to blow it. That package had 2 lobster tails, some clam chowder and a blueberry pie. We would have totally eaten that!”

Me: “They didn’t say what they were sending. They just said lobster.”

Dave: “Bit of a difference between what was in the box and live lobsters.”

Me: “Hahaha. That’s pretty funny. Next time you should prob open the box. Did Sarah’s parents enjoy their meal?”

Dave: “I’m not going open a box of live lobsters if I can’t cook them. Besides they came just before Sarah’s dad picked them up. Which was great timing.”


Sarah’s Dad:

“We have lobster at home often. We normally will grill the tails over our outside grill but we followed the cooking instructions provided by Lobster Anywhere and boiled them for about 7-8 minutes.  This turns them the bright red that lobster are famous for.  We served the tails with warm drawn butter, some vegetables and a Sauvignon Blanc wine. They were perfectly cooked (using the instructions) and they did taste yummy.”

Lobster Anywhere

For lobster lovers everywhere. Lobster Anywhere is the spot for lobster delivered next day via air. Since 1999 has shipped the finest Live Maine lobster, lobster tails, and New England clam Chowder to customers coast-to-coast.

Lobster Anywhere specializes in lobster and seafood gift packages. All of their gourmet gifts include free overnight delivery and a how to cook lobster manual. also does indeed ship live Maine lobster, any time of the year. Their live lobster gift packages come complete with steel crackers and forks wrapped in fine red and white checkered cotton napkins, step-by-step cooking instructions, fresh lemon and lobster cooking instructions.

Lobster-sweetheartThe package received was close to the Sweetheart Cove for Two; the only difference being it had the Blueberry tart vs. the heart-shaped chocolate truffles.

Sweetheart Cove for Two

Light the candles, melt the butter and crack into two genuine cold-water lobster tails direct from the North Atlantic.

Select a dinner with their 6-7 oz cold-water tails or supersize with their colossal 16-20 oz. tails.

Warm-up with their chef prepared New England clam chowder for two. And for the grand finale you’ll fall for their heart-shaped chocolate truffles.

Lobster Anywhere offers free overnight delivery, anywhere in USA

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