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Dolce Lucano at the 2013 CRFA Show

March 6, 2013 | By More

Dolce Lucano are producers of artisan cured pork, specializing in salumi. Not to be confused with salami, salumi is a product family that includes salami. Salami is a term used to describe a product made from ground pork and spices which is then encased and cured. Salumi is also made from pork but is cured in salt and not encased before aging. Salumi encompasses a large family of cured products that go beyond Italy’s famous Prosciutto.

Today, the art of curing meats is still alive. Not to be confused with the generic products you can find in any grocery store. Dolce Lucano still preserves the old world techniques used centuries ago. They humbly carry forward the values and honesty of their mentors. They believe in starting with a quality product, using artisan methods to achieve the best possible product they can make.

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