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Beertone is a Pantone Colour Chart for Beer

January 10, 2013 | By More

Beertone combines a love for beer with beautiful design, resulting in a fun and useful colour coded resource similar to a Pantone colour chart. Created by a two man team in Switzerland, the first volume features over 200 beers from Switzerland. Future instalments will focus on beer from Germany (Jan 2013) and Brazil (May 2013). They’re also accepting suggestions for future guides on their Facebook page.

The guides are structured so that they start with the lightest, and end with the darkest.

Each Beer will be presented with picture, description and of course its color Information, RGB, CMYK, Web, SRM (the beer color scale). We are shooting each beer, bottle and the beer itself in a glass.

Each page features The Beertone X-Ray; showcasing the bottle, alcohol volume, brewery, colour information and more!

Here’s an example of what the guide looks like:

Beertone retails for $39 US, special editions including Beertone branded glassware are also available. Pre-order from

[via Gizmodo & Foodiggity]

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