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ChicWrap, Plastic Wrap 2.0

December 13, 2012 | By More

Plastic wrap is one of those things that every home cook uses daily, but no one really likes using. Wrap typically gets stuck on the roll, forcing you to find the end. Once you do find the end and pull out your piece of wrap you have to watch out for that sharp serrated cutting edge (keep those fingers safe!). Finally, you have to get the freshly cut wrap onto whatever it is you are covering before the plastic folds in on itself into a giant mess. Meet the next generation of plastic wrap dispensing and simplify your life with ChicWrap!

ChicWrap features:

  • ZipSafe Slide Cutter
  • 250′ professional grade plastic wrap
  • sustainable wipe-clean dispenser box
  • non-skid rubber feet (grip to all kitchen surfaces)
  • six designs to choose from

ChicWrap was created by Ian Kaiser and Sean Neiberger, cofounders of the Allen Reed Company. Kaiser and Neiberger have been immersed in the world of plastic wrap for more than 20 years providing professional chefs, restaurants and local school cafeterias with easy and effective ways to dispense and cut professional grade plastic wrap. With ChicWrap, they’re bringing the same professional quality to the your home kitchen.

The ChicWrap box is really easy to put together. Open the sealed box and take out the ZipSafe Slide Cutter. Peel off the protection tape, and affix to the outlined spot on the top of the unit. Stick the four rubber feet to the designated spots on the bottom of the box. Finally, feed the professional plastic wrap through the top, closing the box up.

ChicWrap is available in six colourful designs; California, Citrus, Cook’s Tools, Modern Dots, Sunflowers and Triangles. At a price of $9.99 per unit, it may seem a little pricey at first, but it does include 250′ feet of plastic wrap. Refill rolls are also available for $15.99 (includes 4x 250′ rolls). Optionally, you could also put another brand of wrap in the unit if you run out.

For more information visit ChicWrap on Facebook and Twitter.

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