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Glam Media Launches, a New Social Network for Food

February 9, 2012 | By More

Glam Media has launched Foodie.comintegrating authentic food-related content and social networking to help people share and connect on the journey of food discovery. Foodie features a combination of established food critics, high-quality bloggers, chefs, restaurateurs and other food influentials.

“With time spent in magazines declining significantly, consumers are turning to online and mobile as their primary source for food content and ratings, but face the challenge of differentiating great food critics, premium bloggers, recipes and ratings online today. At the same time, traditional food guides such as Michelin only capture editorial and inspectors, missing the social energy surrounding food today,” said Samir Arora, Glam Media Chairman and CEO. “Glam Media built to be the single platform for all things food on the Web. Foodie is going to completely change consumer’s food experiences on digital, powered entirely through a social platform and driving the freshest, authentic content created by leading voices from top chefs, critics, bloggers and brands.”

Foodie is also hosting a panel of culinary experts, featuring acclaimed food critics and top chefs to provide a professional perspective on recipes, restaurants, ingredients and cooking techniques. This group will help nominate the world’s top restaurants and provide regional guides that will be produced regularly.

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