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How to Throw a Super Bowl Party

January 27, 2012 | By More

superbowl.jpgThinking of throwing a Super Bowl party this weekend? Mahalo has some great tips for you.

If you do it right, your Super Bowl Party will be more comfortable, with better food. And best of all, you get to watch the million dollar commercials.

  1. Find Out the Date, Time, and Teams
  2. Create a Guest List and Send Invitations
  3. Plan the Atmosphere and Decorations
  4. Prepare for the Ultimate Viewing Experience
  5. Have Other Options Available
  6. Put Together Your Menu
  7. Prepare in Advance
  8. Set Up on the Day of the Party
  9. The Party

Put Together Your Menu

A Super Bowl Party is not the time to go gourmet and serve a fancy meal paired with expensive wines. Think of it as an indoor tailgate, sports bar at home, or a home stadium. That means everything should taste good, be easy to eat while watching the game, and be fairly low maintenance throughout your party.

The three basic parts of a Super Bowl menu are food, drinks, and dessert.


  • First make a list of the dishes you’d like to serve.
  • Lots of recipe and food sites have special sections dedicated to Super Bowl menus:
  • Consider the following when deciding on what foods to make and serve:
    • Think about the timing of your party. Depending on what time zone you’re in, your party will start and end at different times.
    • If you’re on the West Coast, you might be serving appetizers like Buffalo wings and meatballs all afternoon.
    • If you’re on the East Coast, you’re more likely to serve “dinner” type foods like chili.
    • Then again, this is the Super Bowl and you can serve whatever you want!
  • Whatever you plan to serve, remember that most of your guests will be sitting or standing in front of the TV watching the game.
    • Make your food easy to eat. Set out foods buffet-style, throughout the room.
    • Serve snack-like foods like roasted nuts, vegetable crudité with dip, and chips.
  • Have food available throughout the entire party. For some people, the Super Bowl is all about the food.
  • Use the host city and team themes when thinking about what foods to serve.
    • For Super Bowl XLII, the host city is Phoenix, so Southwestern foods are more than appropriate: think tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole, nachos, taquitos, and chili
    • To honor the teams, you may have New York style pizza or New England clam chowder.
  • Don’t be restricted by health and diet. Your guests get a free pass from their New Year’s Resolutions on this one Sunday.
  • As with any dinner party, a Super Bowl Party is not the right time to make something you’ve never made before.
  • Unless you can see your television set from the kitchen, serve foods that let you do all or most of the preparation in advance; no sense in spending the whole time in the kitchen and missing key plays.
  • Hot foods are nice to have, but cold or room temperature foods are the kind that require little maintenance during the party.
  • Add dishes you plan to buy to your shopping list along with where you plan to buy them.
    • Make sure to note any places that require pre-ordering.
  • Make a list of additional supplies, utensils, and equipment you need to make the food. You can buy kitchen, cooking, and serving tools online from places like Williams-Sonoma,, and Sur La Table.
  • Separate the list into dishes you will make, dishes you can buy or order, and dishes you can ask guests to bring.
  • If you need to, don’t be afraid to order food.


  1. Make a list of the drinks you’d like to serve, including water, soda, juices, and alcohol.
  2. Separate the list into drinks you will provide and drinks you can ask guests to bring.
  3. Make a list of additional supplies, utensils, and equipment you need to serve drinks, such as: ice, an ice bucket, and plastic cups.
  4. Consider the following when planning drinks:
    • Expensive wine and fancy cocktails are less important for a Super Bowl Party, but still good to have for those guests who prefer them. Try Football-themed cocktails or Super Bowl Cocktails.
    • The Super Bowl is an American event, so serving American beer is appropriate.
  5. Provide a recycling bin for glass bottles.
  6. Pay attention as guests drink: make sure people who drove either don’t overindulge, or can get a safe ride home!


  1. Plan to offer desserts through the duration of the party.
  2. Stick with simple things that don’t require utensils: cookies, brownies, and cupcakes.
  3. If you bake or make cupcakes or cookies at home, decorate them appropriately: team colors, the Super Bowl logo, or any other appropriate football decorations.
  4. Desserts are particularly easy for guests to bring.


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