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David Chang on Toronto & Top 5 Annoying Things Customers Do

May 2, 2011 | By More

David Chang has a Q+A with Jesse Ashlock in the May issue of Details magazine. Chang elaborates more on the opening of his upcoming Toronto restaurants (as well as Sydney, his first outside of NYC), and also breaks down the top 5 things annoying customers do. You’ve been warned.

DETAILS: You’re expanding to Sydney this fall. How did you choose that city for your first restaurant outside of New York?
David Chang: I was there last year and just fell in love with Australia—holy shit, the produce, the proteins, the fish. This place is insane. Why wouldn’t you want to open a restaurant out here? We’re going to try to use only Australian ingredients, with the exception of some fermented products from Japan and some wines from France. We’re also going to open Momofuku Toronto in 2012. I will always love New York, and it will always be my home, but why wouldn’t I want to explore the amazing bounty of Toronto?

Top 5 Most Annoying Things Customers Do

5. Saying they’re right when they’re wrong. Like when they ask for a steak to be medium-rare and it’s medium-rare and they say it’s not medium-rare.
4. Special food requests.
3. Fake allergies.
2. Being fucking drunk. It’s just so annoying.
1. Bloggers who don’t know shit. The top one is to say you’re a blogger, right off the bat. That always gets a good laugh from the chefs.

[via Details]

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