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In Depth With “Will it Blend” CEO Tom Dickson

March 25, 2011 | By More

Robert Scoble sat down with Tom Dickson, the CEO of BlendTec and host of the popular “Will it Blend?” videos.

Even though it clocks in at over an hour (looks like it repeats halfway through), this is a really great sit down with a food-product innovator. Tom provides insight about the innovations that go into making a great blender. Most of them were completely accidental, including their viral “Will it Blend?” hit. Another happy accident? The winglets on the blade were created because the blade didn’t fit, but when Tom got rid of the winglets the blender didn’t work as well, so they’ve stayed ever since.

Watch the latest “Will It Blend” video. Tom attempts to blend an iPad 2.

Do you have a BlendTec? What have you blended with it?

The accidental innovations of the “Will it Blend” guy | Scobleizer

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