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A Passion for Good Food at LinkedIn

March 14, 2011 | By More

Michael Nguyen, now a Food & Employee Services manager, once worked in the Finance department at LinkedIn. His passion for food drew him to the task of managing LinkedIn’s growing culinary needs.

After being a part of LinkedIn’s Finance team for more than three years, a lifelong ambition was presented as a new opportunity at the company of his dreams. It would mean he would have to switch career paths. LinkedIn allowed him to move from his former position and join the Food & Employee Services team managing LinkedIn’s food program.

LinkedIn, like many other Silicon Valley companies, provides free food to their employees.  There is a responsibility to provide a balanced and healthy menu each day. Michael does this by working closely with with food vendors, chefs and caterers to provide a balanced assortment of food, beverages and snacks everyday to the employees.

A typical day starts by figuring out which catered meals to bring in and serve. They serve over 850 catered meals a day for employees at their on-site cafe. Michael also polls the staff of engineers and executives to find out what they would like to eat. FYI, sushi every Tuesday.


Michael has also pursued his passion outside of the office, and in June 2010, he started a catering and events business called Calidogs. Likely inspired by Japa Dog on a visit to Vancouver, Michael has taken the all-American classic — the hot dog, and infusing different flavors to adapt to local Bay Area culinary tastes. Sample creations include Japanese-inspired flavors such as roasted seaweed and the Salsadog, made with homemade salsa ceviche (CaliSalsa).

via The LinkedIn Blog | Photos from The LinkedIn Blog

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