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GT1 Gelato Machine and Fabbri Gelato Mix from Bibco – CRFA Show 2011

March 8, 2011 | By More

The GT1 is the only Countertop machine on the market capable of preparing a large range of frozen products: from traditional slush, sorbets, sherbet, milk and coffee products, as well as Gelato. It prepares a product with optimum consistency and smoothness. Electric temperature control and special gear motors for a higher and safe mixing efficiency.

Fabbri Gelato Mix is simply the finest artisan gelato, in each flavour you can imagine and simply the easiest way to make the finest Soft Gelato. Fabbri is perfectly balanced and ready to serve. Excellent velvety and creamy gelato. Save time and money while producing gelato. Hygienically safe because they are pasteurized.

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