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Archive for March, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow working on new food magazine?

Gwyneth Paltrow has been venturing deeper into the food world in recent years, and is now rumored to be working on a food-related magazine project.

According to a source, “It’s a super-secret project.” It is believed Hearst, who currently publishes the Food Network Magazine and Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine in involved.

Paltrow also happens to be releasing a cookbook, “My Father’s Daughter” next month. If the cookbook reaches bestseller status, it will further cement her “cooking” cred. The book includes an introduction from Mario Batali, with whom Paltrow has previously teamed with on “Spain – On the Road Again“, a PBS food series. Paltrow also runs her weekly newsletter Goop, which features food and cooking related tidbits.

Do you think Paltrow is about to launch a new food magazine?

[via NYPost]

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Foodies – Second Course: Who’s Chicken

The second episode of Foodies is up! Porter’s questionable cooking skills are up for dinner club evaluation, but the kitchen drama is trivial compared to the secret Moose is trying to hide from him.

Catch new episodes at

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The OCD Chef Cutting Board

It seems there are a lot of thoroughly meticulous people out there. The OCD Chef Cutting Board sold out online in under 24 Hours! Gadgets and Gear are taking pre-orders now for 5/1 (ETA).

The OCD Chef Cutting Board is a 9×12″ cutting board made of strong, long-wearing beechwood, and it features the most precise measurements in complete detail to help you achieve perfect dices, and slices with every cut.

Order yours today for only $25.99 US.

[via TheAwesomer]

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In Depth With “Will it Blend” CEO Tom Dickson

Robert Scoble sat down with Tom Dickson, the CEO of BlendTec and host of the popular “Will it Blend?” videos.

Even though it clocks in at over an hour (looks like it repeats halfway through), this is a really great sit down with a food-product innovator. Tom provides insight about the innovations that go into making a great blender. Most of them were completely accidental, including their viral “Will it Blend?” hit. Another happy accident? The winglets on the blade were created because the blade didn’t fit, but when Tom got rid of the winglets the blender didn’t work as well, so they’ve stayed ever since.

Watch the latest “Will It Blend” video. Tom attempts to blend an iPad 2.

Do you have a BlendTec? What have you blended with it?

The accidental innovations of the “Will it Blend” guy | Scobleizer

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POV Recipes? New App: Appetites for iPad.

Appetites is being billed as the first step-by-step video cooking app. The most novel aspect of the app is the way the recipes are presented. They are filmed from the POV of the person cooking or what would be your point of view in the kitchen.

The app brings 27 interactive video cooking classes. 7 recipes are available to download in the initial purchase. 20 additional cooking videos may be purchased for an additional $.99 each. The makers of Appetites plan to add new bloggers and cooking classes to the app with future updates.

Included Recipes (7 in total):
Butternut Squash Risotto, Smash Burger, Avocado Spring Rolls with Cilantro-Chili Dipping Sauce, Maple Bacon Pancakes, Guacamole, Agua Fresca, Spicy Black Bean Chipotle Dip

Additional $.99 Recipes (20 in total):
Pasta Carbonara, Fish Tacos, Vegetable Crumble, Brown Butter Pumpkin Mac and Cheese, Sweet Potato Coconut Soup, Korean BBQ, Mini Egg Frittatas, Almond Crusted Shrimp, Wheat Berry Salad, Pistachio Lemon Linguini, Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie, Strawberry Basil Lemonade, Apple Hand Pies, Coconut Israeli Couscous, Tortilla Soup, Cowboy Caviar, Fromage Fort, Irish Nachos, Curry Egg Salad, Cemita

Food bloggers featured in the app include: Matt Bites [Matt Armendariz], BrokeAss Gourmet [Gabi Moskowitz],The Paupered Chef [Nick Kindelsperger & Blake Royer], Lick My Spoon [Stephanie Hua], A Cozy Kitchen[Adrianna Adarme and Caroline Kilpatrick], What’s Gaby Cooking? [Gaby Dalkin].

The app is available now in the app store for $4.99. [Download from iTunes]

via Serious Eats

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