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Hello Kitty Pizza

February 9, 2008 | By More


This product left us speechless, so we searched for another opinion (we actually asked a bunch of kids). Here’s a few of their varying thoughts on this moral quandary.

G: I like hello kitty but I don’t like hello kitty pizza! hmm… let me rephrase that! I would like hello kitty pizza if it had different toppings like… hmm… chocolate! Yeah dude! đŸ™‚

M: I like Hello Kitty, and I like pizza, but the thought of Hello Kitty Pizza… yuck!

R: I’d like Hello Kitty pizza more if it had a face.

F: Hello Kitty Pizza? Looks disgusting and tastes disgusting (I never actually tried it, but I can tell by just looking at it).

The bottom line: Pizza and Hello Kitty should never go together.

[Kitty Hell]

Category: Food

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