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Anthony Bourdain’s Tips on how to make your dishes look like they were prepared in a restaurant

February 9, 2008 | By More

In the world of food, Anthony Bourdain is a rockstar. In his breakthrough book, “Kitchen Confidential,” he details his roller coaster ride as a chef in New York. He also dispels many commonly held myths about the food industry. In one chapter, he gives the reader many valuable tips about how to prepare their dishes to look as impressive as a 4 star restaurant’s. Here are some of those tips.

  1. Get a decent chef’s knife and learn how to handle it properly. No need to get a million knives for different purposes, one good one will do.
  2. Plastic squeeze bottles. They make a sauce spread look like a work of art. Run toothpicks through the sauce trail at various points for another artistic touch.
  3. Metal ring. For stacking your food into a nice, pretentious presentation.
  4. Mandolins, for perfect waffle cuts.

For more tips and details, as well as the crazy world of the food industry, check out “Kitchen Confidential”.

[Anthony Bourdain]

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