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Lonely Planet’s “The Cities Book” top 15 cities and what to eat in each of them

February 5, 2008 | By More

The Cities Book: A Journey Through The Best Cities In The World (Cities Book)Lonely Planet’s massive tome on counting up the top cities in the world is full of interesting factoids about each city. And of course, no guide to a city would be complete without tips for what to eat. Here are the “The Cities Book’s” top 15 cities and their suggestions for what to eat in each place. For the complete list of cities, facts and beautiful photography, click the image below to purchase the book.

1. Paris

Delectable patisseries and creamy confections at historic Ladurée on rue Royale, founded in 1862.

2. New York City

Good on-the-go grub from street vendors hawking everything from hot dogs and tacos to home-made soups and falafel sandwhiches.

3. Sydney

Fabulous Thai food at Longrain.

4. Barcelona

Melindros (soft sugar-coated biscuits) dipped into cacaolat (thick hot chocolate) at Salvador Dali’s favourite dairy bar, Granja Dulcinea.

5. London

Michelin-star chinese food in sophisticated Hakkasan.

6. Rome

Rome’s favourite pizza at Da Baffetto.

7. San Francisco

A juicy burrito at La Taqueria on Mission St.

8. Bangkok

A bag of green mango wedges coated in sugar, lime juice and chilli – not for a weak stomach.

9. Cape Town

Decadent chocolate chilli fillets at Madame Zingara’s, a popular mid-priced haunt decked out like a gypsy caravan on Loop St

10. Istanbul

A fish sandwhich from the vendors on the boats at Eminönü.

11. Melbourne

The sumptuous Peking duck at the Flower Drum, Melbourne’s foodie apogee. (Mike’s personal note: CHICKEN SALT!!)

12. Hong Kong

Dim sum delights at the noisy, authentic Maxim’s Palace.

13. Kathmandu

Very good Thai food or Himalayan perch at Yin Yang Restaurant in Thamel.

14. Prague

Posh pork and dumplings at the Kolkovna in Staré Mêsto, a modern take on the trad beer hall.

15. Vancouver

Pacific Northwest food – salmon with a hazelnut and maple crust?

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