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Japan declares war on Chinese Food

February 5, 2008 | By More

chinesefoods.jpg“This is actually a matter of national security if it is linked to the Japanese people’s lives,” Fukuda told a parliamentary committee.

Japan on Monday pledged to step up screening of food imports from China amid a nationwide scare over Chinese-made dumplings that left hundreds complaining of illness.

Ten people were diagnosed with pesticide poisoning after eating the frozen meat dumplings, prompting major foodmakers to recall food products manufactured at the same factory in China.

As Chinese experts held a second day of closed-door talks with Japanese officials, Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda vowed to strengthen scrutiny of imports.

“Considering the current situation in Japan in which exports and imports are increasing — which is essential for Japan in maintaining growth momentum — it’s extremely important to have a system of checking the flow of people and goods at the borders,” he said.

The food safety scare comes in the wake of a fall of support for Fukuda’s four-month-old government, which is fighting to show its leadership in the wake of a series of scandals and showdowns with the opposition.


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