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Restaurants Charging Inflated Prices For Wine Are Doing Their Customers a Favour

January 30, 2008 | By More

Restaurants charging inflated prices for wine could be doing their customers a favour. A study has found that people who pay more for a product do enjoy it more. The researchers discovered that people given two identical red wines to drink said they got much more pleasure from the one they were told had cost more. Brain scans confirmed that their pleasure centres were activated far more by the higher-priced wine.

The findings could help to explain why rich diners are often willing to pay thousands of pounds for a bottle of fine wine. It seems much of the real pleasure is generated by the high price paid rather than by the quality of the vintage.

Apparently, researchers at the California Institute of Technology found that the brain’s medial orbito-frontal cortex that registers pleasure became more activated by the wine that was perceived to be more expensive.

Laird from The Wine Establishment came by with estimates to build the wine cellar in the new condo. May have to rethink the whole enterprise if it’s running into the thousands of dollars. Would rather put the money into wine and store it off site in rental facilities. He’s coming back to me with revised figures.


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