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Carlsberg Brewery Launches $400 Beer

January 30, 2008 | By More

CarlsbergBeer.jpgCarlsberg ASA has launched a beer so expensive it can only be purchased by someone on a champagne budget.

The Danish brewer’s Vintage No. 1 beer is priced at 2,800 kroner – the equivalent of about $400 Canadian – a bottle. Carlsberg boasts that it’s “probably the best” as well as the most expensive beer in the world.

Brewmaster Jens Eiken said only 600 of the 370-millilitre bottles will be produced, and most will be sold through three of Copenhagen’s most exclusive restaurants.

The first 52 bottles were sold last week.

Eiken said part of the secret of the 10.5 per cent alcohol beer is the way it is stored in special Swedish and French oak casks in a dimly lighted crypt 15 metres under the company’s old brewery.

The brew’s taste hints of prunes, caramel, vanilla, oak and cherry port bitterness, he said, adding that it is best consumed with gourmet blue cheese or on its own with “a very special friend.”

Each bottle is labelled with a hand stencilled original lithographic print by Danish artist Frans Kannike, making the empties worth about $100 apiece.

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