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5 Restaurants I really want to eat in but can’t because they dont exist

January 24, 2008 | By More

5. Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag from “The Simpsons”

For the finest pub cuisine, Moe style, and a whole bunch of crazy crap on the walls, nothing beat Moe’s short lived family restaurant. And an extra special treat if you tell him its your birthday.

4. Cafe 80s from “Back to the Future part 2”

For the 2 or 3 people nostalgic for the 80s, the Cafe 80s in the year 2015 will be the place to be. Featuring outdated arcade counsels and 80s era pop-stars and presidents taking your order via television.

3. The Space Gas Station Pit Stop from “Spaceballs”

If the novelty of eating at a greasy truck stop diner floating in space isn’t enough for you, try the space special. Guaranteed to fill you up to the point of bursting, and past it.

2. The Max from “Saved by the Bell”

The ultimate hangout. Great burgers, fries, milkshakes, plus a surefire way to run into Kelly, Jesse and Lisa, or Zack and AC if you like guys. Or Screech if you like, well, Screech.

1. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe from “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” by Douglas Adams

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

The greatest restaurant that doesn’t exist, nor is it physically possible to exist. Every night at the restaurant is the end of the universe and dinner concludes with a big show before the universe blows up. And since the place operates outside the space-time continuum, theres no chance of any awkward situation of running into yourself, should you decide to eat there more than once.

How about you folks out there? Are there any places you wish you could eat at but can’t cause they’re fictional?

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