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Virtual Bartender

January 22, 2008 | By More

virtualbartender.gifThis is the stuff dreams are made of. The Virtual Bartender is your own personal server that knows exactly what you like because you program it specifically to your tastes.


  • create any recipe you can imagine, entirely unique to you and available at the touch of the LCD screen
  • set password protection for multiple users
  • enjoy the automatic recipe generator (based on your available contents)
  • accommodate up to 32 different ingredients including mixers, liquors, concentrates, etc.
  • inputs for external speakers; let your music set the mood as you mix your drinks
  • 1 terabyte of storage and a dual core processor.

The Virtual Bartender is not only a personal beverage server who takes orders, mixes drinks, and even cleans up after himself, but also a box for all of your digital content — music, videos, pictures, movies, etc. — are now safely backed up and protected with storage space to spare.

Purchase, organize, and play music, movies, and more on your touch screen or your home theater. Control thermostats. Set and deactivate home security systems. Set light timers, in-ground sprinkler systems. And do it all at home, or remotely.

The Virtual Bartender does it all!

[Digital Beverages]

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