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Spears Family Fun Food Facts

January 11, 2008 | By More

britneystarbucks.jpgBritney Spears and her family are all over the gossip blogs lately, so we thought we’d give a food spin to things.

Some are saying Britney’s recent erratic behavior can be blamed on her diet. She loves fast food and practically keeps Starbucks in business. “She’s a person who’s completely addicted to sugar. This is like heroin for a junkie. She’s literally on a roller coaster to hell.” says Dr. Timothy Brantley, a Ph.D. who educates patients on the power of food.

Spears’ favorite Venti Frappuccino coffee can cause her to become irritable, agitated and lose focus. “Caffeine and sugar in this drink will drive your blood sugars and hormones crazy and it can effect your mood for hours,” Brantley said. “If you flood your body with sugars and all of a sudden you become really hyper, I think your judgement is going to be really altered,” he said.

britney_nyla.jpgDid you know that Ms. Spears once owned a restaurant?

The Restaurant Nyla was partly owned by pop star Britney Spears, on East 41st Street in New York City. The moderately priced menu did not offer asparagus Spears or Britney cupcakes. The chef, paying heed to Ms. Spears’s Louisiana upbringing, gave the menu a Southern inflection with dishes like duck and wild mushroom étouffée, lobster salad with fried green tomatoes, and grilled salmon with sautéed greens.

According to The Smoking Gun, the restaurant closed down in April of 2003 after it filed for bankruptcy after making some poor business decisions. It didn’t help that the food wasn’t all that great either. Along with the food, poor service, and trail of disappointed diners, Britney’s now-shuttered Manhattan restaurant also left behind nearly $400,000 in unpaid bills.

jamielynnspears.jpgIt appears Britney’s younger (now pregnant) sister Jamie Lynn Spears doesn’t understand the concept of tipping. When you pay your bill at a sit-down restaurant, you’re supposed to tip the staff.

The “Zoey 101” star irked waitresses at La Carreta, a Mexican restaurant 40 miles outside her hometown of Kentwood, La., when she failed to leave a tip after she and a friend ate there recently. “Jamie is not well-liked here,” says waitress Brittanie Heaney.

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