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Burger King Holds Fast-Food Trans Fat Crown

December 27, 2007 | By More

burgerking.jpgBurger King has received the dubious distinction of having the highest levels of artery-clogging, obesity-inducing trans fats in its french fries, chicken nuggets and other meals compared with its fast-food peers, according to federal data released Thursday.

“Burger King seems to have been crowned in this data as the king of trans fats,” said Sally Brown, CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Low-cost trans fats provide taste and texture to a wide range of foods and are used for frying, but they are also maligned for increasing levels of bad cholesterol and lowering those of good cholesterol.

Last year, a federal task force recommended trans fats make up no more than five per cent of total fat content in all foods, including restaurant servings. A two per cent limit applied to edible oils and spreadable margarines.

Burger King exceeded those levels by between four and almost nine per cent in products ranging from chicken nuggets and french fries to apple turnovers and fish filets. For example, the chain’s chicken nuggets contain almost 20 per cent fat, of which more than one-third is trans fat.

In response, Burger King Restaurants of Canada called it “one of the highest priorities” for the company to make its restaurants free of added trans fat by the end of next year, starting in Calgary on Jan. 1.

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