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Think Like A Chef – Tom Colicchio

December 11, 2007 | By More

Are you a fan of Top Chef? If so, co-host Tom Colicchio, who was once a working chef, has a great cookbook.

Originally released in 2000, but now reprinted in paperback, Think Like a Chef is a terrific book full of recipes and advice.

Colicchio provides a cooking “anatomy” for gaining kitchen mastery. The book’s 100-plus recipes are offered not as ends in themselves (though they stand as delicious examples of Colicchio’s simple yet sophisticated style), but as illustrative keys to the culinary processes.

Beginning with a chapter that reviews basic cooking techniques, and includes exemplary stock- and sauce-making formulas, the book then presents a series of “studies,” building-block recipes like Roasted Tomatoes, followed by simple-to-sophisticated variations, such as Roasted-Tomato Risotto.

A chapter called “Trilogies” explores clusters of three-ingredient recipes–duck, root vegetables, and apples is one ingredient grouping–that show how various techniques, applied to the same ingredients, yield various exciting dishes.

“Component Cooking,” which focuses on vegetables (Colicchio’s major source of inspiration), provides recipes like Corn and Potato Pancakes to be used for assembling a “plate.”

Concluding the book is “Favorites,” a selection of Colicchio’s specialties that range from My Favorite Chicken Soup to Poached Foie Gras, a taste bonus that also stimulates the cooking imagination. Illustrated with more than 100 color photos, and including a wide range of tips.

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