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Locavore and Freegan – The Buzzwords of 2007?

December 11, 2007 | By More

Time Magazine is at it again. They have released their 2007 top 10 of everything lists, including the top 10 buzzwords of the year.

This year two food related buzzwords made the list, locavore and freegan. Never heard of them before? That makes two of us. Here’s what Time had to say.


Another dictionary, another semi-green term. The New Oxford American Dictionary’s Word of the Year, this term refers to the trend of eating fresh, locally grown ingredients. It was coined by a group of San Francisco women promoting a diet consisting solely of food harvested within a 100-mile radius of practitioners’ homes, which would reduce not only the fossil fuels used for shipping, but the variety of foods adherents get to eat. 


A combination of the words “free” and “vegan,” the term describes an anti-consumer who shuns mainstream materialism and only makes purchases as a last resort. The most sensational and often discussed practice of freeganism involves dumpster-diving for food, clothing or other essentials, which freegans refer to as “waste reclamation.” Many freegans are vegans and thus refrain from eating any animal products, but there are some “meagans” who consume meat that would otherwise remain unused. 

Well there you have it! Are you a locavore, buying only the freshest local ingredients? Or are you a freegan, dumpster diving for you dinner?

Any new and interesting food related terms you heard this year? Sound off below.

[via Time]

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