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No More Soggy Cereal – Introducing The Eatmecrunchy Bowl

December 5, 2007 | By More


Love cereal and milk, but hate how quickly it gets soggy? Here comes the Eatmecrunchy Bowl to the rescue.

Usually with cereal, the few mouthfuls maintain their intended crunchiness, but from there on its pretty much all downhill and your cereal gets soggier and soggier. The Eatmecrunchy Bowl plans to remedy this problem.

The concept behind this revolutionary breakfast bowl is forehead-slappingly simple. A removable shelf covers 70% of the bowl’s base, holding the cereal above the milk. All you have to do is eat your cereal from the shelf-less section of the bowl where the cereal and milk meet, pushing the cereal in as required.

It fits all cereal shapes on sizes, so for all you Weetabix fans rest assured this handy gadget will do the job.

It’s available for £4.95 (approx $10.20 US) from Firebox.

Product page: Eatmecrunchy Bowl

[via Coolest Gadgets]

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