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Irish Agriculture and Food Sector Crucial Role to Play in Sustaining Economic Growth

December 4, 2007 | By More

The agriculture and food sector has a crucial role to play in sustaining economic growth and in ensuring more balanced regional development, according to a new report published by Agri Aware. In the report, economist Jim Power criticises the ‘self-appointed champions of the consumer’ who propagate the view that consumers should buy food at the lowest price possible. This attitude could seriously damage Irish production of quality food and lead to imports from countries with much lower systems of quality and safety control. This would ultimately damage consumers’ interests.

Jim Power points out that despite the massive growth in employment in other sectors of the economy, the agri-food sector both directly and indirectly employs 230,000 in production, processing, marketing and servicing. This accounts for 11% of total employment. ‘More importantly, the agri-food sector contributes twice as much in value added to the economy as other manufacturing areas,’ he says. ‘For every €100 of output generated by the agri-food sector, €75 is spent on Irish raw materials, labour and services. The comparable figure for other areas of manufacturing is just €38,’ the economist says.’For many years, the story about farming and food was one of retrenchment and sometimes depression,’ commented Mairead Lavery, Chairman of Agri Aware. ‘It is now one of excitement and optimism,’ he added.

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