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Eau Dear – Coke’s Dasani Water Kept Off French Shelves

December 3, 2007 | By More

dasani.jpgCoca Cola’s plans to roll out its assault on the European water market, by launching Dasani, have come to a standstill. It planned to overtake current market leaders, Perrier and Evian.It seems Coke will be postponing this epic battle. Coca-Cola announced last week that it was postponing Dasani’s launch in both France and Germany as a result of a public relations nightmare outing the actual content of the bottles.

It was discovered that British Dasani which is marketed as “pure, still water”, was simply a treated version of tap water from Sidcup, England. Last week, 500,000 bottles were recalled when it was discovered they contained nearly twice the legal amounts of a chemical that may cause cancers if consumed in large amounts. The company says it has no immediate plans for a relaunch in Britain.

Coca-Cola planned for France’s Dasani to come from a spring in neighboring Belgium, instead of using treated tap water.  This however will likely not materialize as Coca Cola has scrapped the launch indefinitely.

This comes as a major blow to Coca-Cola, as they are looking to water to refresh the declining interest in carbonated drinks. In 2002, water accounted for 42 percent of its worldwide sales growth.

The company says it has no immediate plans for a relaunch in Britain.

Coca-Cola currently sells 1.3 billion liters of Dasani in North America each year.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of Dasani. What’s your favourite bottled water?

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