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Archive for December, 2007

Chocolate Truffle Class

Ever wanted to learn how to make chocolate truffles?

Michael Recchiuti shows us how, in an elevator no less!

The recipe seems simple enough, and an elevator is not required!

Chocolate Obsession: Confections and Treats to Create and SavorIn 1997, after years in the test kitchen, Michael was ready to bring his creations to a larger audience and to introduce Americans to real chocolate. He founded Recchiuti Confections with his wife Jacky and the idea that once you introduce people to truly exquisite chocolates they will be won over instantly and forever.

Order his chocolates online at

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Mario Batali Silicone Handle Grips


Fed up with your pots with extremely hot handles?

Try these Mario Batali silicone handle grips. These heat-resistant grips of silicone are color-coordinated and custom-fitted to renowned chef Mario Batali’s cookware essentials.

They’ll keep your hands safe from the heat (to 500 degrees) and clean up easily in the dishwasher.


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Delicious Sandwiches – Vanessa’s Dumpling House

Vanessa’s Dumpling House (14st between 2nd and 3rd) from Sandwiches on Vimeo.

Here’s an interesting idea. Video restaurant reviews (of places that make sandwiches no less)!

Amanda and Amir from (based in New York) decided to review restaurants that make sandwiches in their local area. They started with Vanessa’s Dumpling House on 14th (between 2nd and 3rd).

Unfortunately they only made a couple of these. The now defunct redirects to Vimeo.

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Pizza Hut – Double Deep Meat Lover’s Pizza – Only 580 Calories Per Slice


Yes, that’s right, a single slice of Pizza Hut’s new Double Deep Meat Lover’s Pizza has 580 calories! 330 of those calories are from fat. Touted by Pizza Hut as an “innovation,” the Double Deep “features so many toppings that Pizza Hut needed to use a specially folded crust to hold them in.”

Brian Niccol, Pizza Hut CMO admits, “Double Deep Pizza is abundantly topped for big appetites.”Here’s the rest of the nutritional stats for a single slice of Pizza Hut’s Double Deep Meat Lover’s Pizza: 580 calories, 330 calories from fat, 36 grams total fat, 14 grams saturated fat, 1.5 grams trans fat, 100 mg cholesterol, 1990 mg sodium, 31 grams carbs, 2 grams fiber, 3 grams sugars, 31 grams protein.

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Vancouver schools cracking down on Junk food

Elementary schools say they’re ready for new rules in January prohibiting junk-food sales to students, but parents who peddle hot dogs, pizzas and chocolate to raise money for their schools are still grappling with the change. The province-wide push to get junk food out of schools means parents who raise money by selling goodies will have to re-examine their products to ensure they meet provincial guidelines. The campaign starts in elementary schools and moves into middle schools and high schools in September.

Some foods will have to be dropped altogether while others will have to be modified, which could make them less appealing. “It’s a lot easier when you sell chocolate,” Phil Moses, principal of Captain Cook elementary school in Vancouver, said in an interview. “Making a profit on whole wheat pizza could be difficult.”

The province has distributed rules indicating which foods are no longer allowed to be sold in schools through vending machines, stores, cafeterias or fundraisers. The rules divide foods into two categories — those that are considered healthy and may be sold in schools and those that are considered generally unhealthy and are off-limits. The latter category includes highly processed foods and those with large amounts of sweetener, salt, fat and calories relative to their nutritional value. In some cases, the ban is clear: schools are not to sell crackers, muffins, cakes, cookies, doughnuts, pastries, croissants, sugary cereals, popcorn, chips, cheesies, cream cheese, fries, candy, chocolate, pop, coffee and any drinks with artificial sweeteners. But in other cases, the ban depends on the ingredients. For example, it includes many — but not all — fruit juices, tomato and vegetable juices, pasta salads, stir-fries, sandwiches with deli or processed meats, sausage or vegetable rolls, tuna salads, wieners and sausages, meat pies and pizzas.

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