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Archive for September, 2007

Coping with the Common Cold


Fall is now upon us, and with it comes the inevitable common cold. These five tips are meant to help deal with the common cold. They are by no means a cure, but they will provide some level of comfort, and most likely reduce the amount of time the cold takes to run its course.

Chicken Soup – The standard classic. Homemade is preferable, but you can also get premade.

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Order A Hamburger Using A Cell Phone – The RFID Way


A McDonald’s location in Korea is testing cell phone based ordering. The fast food giant is working with the Korean telecom company SK Telecom to test their “Touch Order” system. Basically a customer comes in, sits down at a table, and plugs in an RFID device (RFID [Radio-frequency identification] is an automatic identification method that stores and remotely retrieves data.). They can then browse the menu on their phones, and place their order by simply pushing a button. Once the food is ready, they are notified on their phone.

[Hamburger Can Be Ordered Via Mobile Phone via Korea Times]

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The SnacDaddy – A Chicken Wing Serving Solution

snacdaddy.jpgHere’s a very strange kitchen gadget, the SnacDaddy. It’s sole purpose – serving chicken wings. I must admit it does that job well. It has individual grooves for each chicken wing, a removable sauce holder, and a hole underneath the sauce holder to discard the leftover bones. Overall though it doesn’t seem that efficient unless you are planning on eating alone (which is rare when it comes to chicken wings, typically known as party fare). It can only hold 15 wings at a time. I’d recommend sticking with the traditional dinner plate, unless you are super adventurous or are one of those chicken wing paraphernalia collectors.


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The Wine Wedge – A Wine Cellar Alternative


Big wine drinker, but lacking on the space needed for a wine rack, or even wine cellar. Wine Wedge to the rescue!

This ingenious little device consists of two little rubber wedges that allow you to have a wine rack of any size, whenever you need one. Basically the Wine Wedges act as a stopper, allowing you to build a pyramid of wine while the wedges stay securely in place. It currently retails for $9.95 for the pair (online at Firebox). The Wine Wedge can also be used to stack beer, pop cans, or other round containers.

[Wine Wedge via Firebox]

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Turn Cheap Cuts of Meat Into “Prime” Steak


Jaden, over at Steamy Kitchen has figured out a great way to get a prime cut experience out of regular choice supermarket cuts. Her secret apparently is salt. Not just a light salting either. Jaden recommends that the meat be totally overwhelmed with the salt for 1 hour or less. Afterwards rinse the meat, pat it dry, and then it’s ready to grill. Cook it as you normally would (assuming you already know how to cook a steak). Apparently the salt acts as a tenderizer. It loosens up the meat and traps the juices inside amplifying the flavors.

Do you have any interesting steak cooking tips? Share them in the the comments.

[Original Post via Steamy Kitchen]

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